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Love Hands – The Power of Touch Masterclass - Being Gathering

I´m very happy to share with you, at the Being Gathering 2017, the Masterclass: LOVE HANDS – The Power of Touch @ Dharma :: 30 June :: 6:30pm Come to (re)discover and explore touch as a way to connect with ourselves and with the other, as a meditation and self development method. With DO-IN exercises, simple Zen Shiatsu techniques and meditation, we first interact with ourselves and after with the other, exploring several kinds of touch, sensations and dimensions, becoming aware of our potential and deepening our consciousness through touch. Do-In is a series of healing, diagnostic, and energizing self-massage techniques originated thousands of years ago in China. This ancient practice is known to increase energy, clarity, and well-being in the body, mind, and spirit. Shiatsu means finger pressure (shi = finger, atsu = pressure) and Zen means meditation. Zen Shiatsu is a therapy which aims our physical, mental and spiritual balance by pressuring points in the meridians (energy channels), in order to harmonize our energetic system.


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